Labyrinth Tribute in Faerie Magazine Issue #35

We are honored to be a part of the ‘LABYRINTH’ Photoshoot project, paying tribute to David Bowie in Faerie Magazine, captured by Bella Kotak Photography. See the full spread in the Summer Edition Issue #35 (BUY IT HERE)

Photographer Bella – “If I could see you again…

Twilight, my favourite time of day. The magic infused light filled a scene of a girl wandering in the overgrown winter woods, lantern lit, searching for something… or someone.

I’ve been holding on to these pictures for what feels like forever! We shot them in early February, back when the light faded at 4.30pm and the air was crisp and cold. We were inspired by David Bowie’s Labyrinth and I threw some fairytale magic in there for good measure!

The story of the set of pictures I’ll be sharing with you guys in the next posts begins with Ian Hencher. A passionate creative who wanted work with me and together we pulled together this shoot and it has now been published in the summer edition of Faerie Magazine along with an interview with the team. If you’d like to have the pictures in your hands I’d recommend checking out the magazine’s website!

I can’t thank my team enough! They say your work is only as strong as the people around you and I had some very lovely talented people around me!”

Model: Jessica McClellan
Gown by: Firefly Path
Stylist & Hair by: Daisy Jane Turner
Makeup by: Ian Hencher
Skin retouching: Solstice Retouch

The Gown Modeled – bellewedding



Aisling Dugani - September 1, 2016 - 11:50 am

Hello, I’m very interested in buying a fairy costume for my handfasting next year and would love some idea of how much they are? Xx

Tari - September 8, 2016 - 11:39 pm

I love the skirt on this dress. How can I commision a gown like this?

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