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    I have this silly habit. With every person I meet I imagine what they might look like in the faerie realm. As I begin to know them better their fay features become more evident to me. This is the way I design fantasy costumes, enhancing or contorting their attributes. Lifting the veil to reveal their own otherworldly beauty and enchantment they possess. There is a place somewhere between waking and sleeping where faeries play. In this twilight hour we can pass through to their world and in that short time we might be able to enjoy their glamor and learn the secrets of their society.
    I hope you enjoy the journey through these costumes I create, the lore I weave, and the images the photographers have captured. Every stitch that has been sewn, every bead that shimmers helps tell the faerie's story. During the growth of Firefly Path my life has been a faerie tale. I've traveled the world with my wonderful friends to capture these mystical creatures on film. Seeking them out in castle ruins, perched in desert canyons, finding them in lush rain forests, hidden inside an ancient bathhouse, gracing palace courtyards and through it all I've learnt that dreams really do come true and I am so very happy to be sharing mine with you.
    - JoEllen Elam (Lillyxandra)

GLASSbook Magazine The Unicorn Queen

I’m proud to collaborate with so many talented artists for this enchanting photo set! I pulled the Lavender Masquerade Fairy gown and created a dark purple lace shoulderpiece for Photographer & Stylist Leonid Gurevich‘s shoot with Doe Deere for a “Unicorn Queen” photoset for  GLASSbook Magazine. You can purchase the print issue of the magazine HERE

“Through deserts and forest, savannas and mountains, she travels – Eternally young, invisible, and unbothered. Once in a thousand years, the Kalavan fishs’ deep voices echo from the depths of the lake, and the glistening dew drops on surpoule’s wings reflect in the eyes of a unicorn, forming a mirrored passage into the 25th hour. Only then, for just a few breathtaking moments, she will appear in all her glory” – The Unicorn Queen 

Photographer and Stylist: Leonid Gurevich

Model & Mua: Doe Deere 

Hair: Daved Scissorhands 

Flower head pieces: Miss G Designs & Fiori Couture

Jewelry:  Gasoline Glamor

Purple Gown & Lace Shoulder Piece : Firefly Path

Wedding Journal JoEllen Elam and Jack Conway

The Beginning _______________

This journal entry will be updated through out our wedding journey! Older entries are at the bottom of this post. I’m so very excited to be sharing my wedding plans with you! At first I was considering buying a wedding dress from a store in downtown LA…and then I came to my senses. Like “WTF am I thinking?? I make fantasy dresses for other people for a living! Why would I buy a generic gown?” I guess seeing too many wedding Pintrest boards brainwashed me into thinking I wanted what everyone else pinned.

Any-who I snapped out of my pintresthaze and started designing my own dream wedding gown and from it all the details have been taking shape. Like with most projects it all starts with with a inspiration piece. Mine is a lace. A lace that I’ve been admiring for a few years now from a shop in the fabric district that is renowned for it’s high end /designer fabrics.

Buying from this store is well… taxing in many ways.  Not only are their fabrics very expensive but the owner (a rotund chest-hair baring Armenian) profusely hits on any attractive woman who comes into his store. While explaining that I was buying fabrics for my WEDDING GOWN  I had to keep reminding him that I don’t think my fiancé would approve of us going on a date and NO my sister is already married.


This is the lace – It’s a beautiful off white 3D flower lace, embellished with pearls, clear sequins, & fabric leaves.

We are just getting started please keep checking for updates! We are getting hitched on Dec 22, 2014. So soon!!!


I know it’s not crafty but I had to share a photo of my wedding nails! They look like I ran my fingers through a Unicorn’s mane! I got them done at Pampered Hands on Melrose.


Our little flower girl baskets! We sprayed the wicker baskets sliver and added moss and jewels to the lip.



I love our wedding invitations So airy, they look like clusters of butterflies We ordered this laser cut style from www.bweddinginvitations.com



Our ring bearer and one of our flower girls are bother & sister. When Elliot found out that his big sister was going to be a fairy flower girl for our wedding he said “I want to be Captain America or a ninja!”. Jack and I though OMG! A little Cap ring bearer would be the most adorable thing ever! Jack is a big Captain America fan too. So Jack ordered a Captain America shirt and mask he can wear with his little suit. I though it would be adorable to make a pillow shield in place of the usual ring bearer pillow. Jes Reaves is a plush master! She patterned and created the pillow equipped with straps so he can actually wear it as a shield!



Doing some wedding crafting with my mom today! We are going to give these alter pillars a little woodland magic~ We added a touch of silver to the pillars and glued moss to look as though it grew in the crevasses. The white pillars were too stark white and distracted from the ferns.



My two fairy flower girl dresses are finished! They are very similar in design with a few variations in their color and accessories. I made the wings with with with organza, fantasy film and resin <3 I can’t wait to dress them up!!



My little flower girl dresses! I designed the skirts to look like petals. I lining each petal with horsehair braid and a balloon hem to give each petal shape. They are both made from the same ombré pink/fuchsia silk but we flipped the colors to add a little variety. The neckline and belt detail have the same 3D lace.



Creating several organza flowers for my flower girl accessories!


These next few weeks we are sewing & crafting for my wedding! I’ve been debating whether to not to make my own wedding dress. There’s a folklore saying that a bride should never make her own gown because “every stitch sewn is a tear shed”… now usually I’m not the superstitious type, but because sewing is a huge part of my career I felt the need to abide. Sooo to get around this dilemma my amazing team of seamstress will we sewing my design! I’ll be posting more on my wedding gown later  We are currently making flower fairy dresses for my two flower girls! They will be very similar in design with a few variations in their color and accessories. This is the first one we created – We used pale pink ombre silk for the petals of the skirt. The top has a gathered layer of off-white tulle with 3D lace embellishing the shoulders and belt.



We are honored to share our special day with you! You all are so unbelievably kind! I’ve gotten messages asking if you can send Wedding Cards & Gifts. If you’d like to do so you send them to my studio:

Firefly Path LLC
631 Atkins Dr
Glendale, CA
91206, USA

We have a honeymoon “Honeyfund” account. If you are wanting to buy us a drink in celebration we will toast to you!



Chibis made with Chibi Maker 1.1

Original Princess Zelda and Princess Hilda

  This gown was originally designed to be an original Daenerys Tagaryen gown to be worn Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball Many people commented that it looks more like something Princess Zelda would wear. After holding a poll on our Firefly Path Facebook & Instagram account, the vast majority voted that it should be styled like Princess Zelda! My friend Milynn Sarley  make her dress in the same style as Hilda. We were lucky to collaborate with talented photographer Mike Saffels to showcase our work in the most magical way! A special thanks to Otherworldly CreationsGeekloreMeisha Mock for helping us princesses  during the shoot<3

About the gown~

Ombre silk chiffon fades from dark fuchsia to grey/white then to dark teal at the bottom. The gown is held up with a hammered golden collar necklace. Matching metal shoulder and belt accessories have tiny polishes rocks woven through the chains.

Zelda – JoEllen Elam

Hilda – Milynn Sarley

Photographer – Mike Saffels

Mother Earth

Our customer Christina Whalen requested a Firefly Path Original Mother Earth Inspired Gown and Headdress. The color pallet she requested is all in rich autumn tones and textured fabrics. Her skirt is layers of crinkle taffeta, organic pin-tucked chiffon, burnt organza, then the top layer is cut out embroidered lace. We cut and applied the lace to look as though it was growing up the sides of her dress and across the chest. To mimic Shelf Mushrooms that grow in tree bark we added layers of stacked fabric on the shoulder seam and right hip. Tiny green and blue flowers sprout throughout the vine lace. Her headdress is faux deer antlers surrounded by moss and ferns. Tiny flowers light up like fairy lights around her head.

Christina worked with photographer Kindra Nikole to shoot her gown in the beautiful forest setting! I am absolute enchanted with this set!

Model : Christina Whalen

Photography by:  Kindra Nikole

Carolyn - September 28, 2014 - 12:37 am

Thank each of you that contributed to these images. Each aspect is just lovely. The creation is more the the sum of each part, but without each contribution it would not be exactly what it is.
Art, Artist, Craftsmasters, model. Well done. And thank you for sharing with us.

The Labyrinth Masquerade XVII


The Labyrinth Masquerade

Annual Fantasy Masquerade Ball XVII
July 4th & 5th, 2014
The Artists of Sypher Arts Studio are working around the clock.
Tickets are moving fast! Saturday Night is Almost Gone.
We’re putting so much into Labyrinth this year and we truly hope
that you experience the magic within the dreaming Court.

July 4th Exclusive
LUMINA – A new experience within the Labyrinth Masquerade, merging visuals and environments into a singular symphonic experience.

LUMINA is a performance of light and sound available to all of our Friday night attendees.


Photography in the Grotto
Join Curious Josh in the secret Photo Grotto for a private professional photo session
By Appointment Only – few slots remain

(Click the image for photo shoot booking info or go here:https://www.facebook.com/events/1434281830173772/ )


The Goblins have expanded their realms! Their newly-constructed stage is wildly unpredictable and as riotous as you might expect, with a variety of goblin and non-goblin performers alike.

and Elemental Alchemist Mixologists

Enjoy our newest stage, where the elementals dance and great powers gather in the heart of the court. While there, you may indulge in hand-mixed frosty beverages at the Elemental Alchemist, featuring the best mixologists of the Legendary Park Plaza.

The Rare Scotch Bar ( 21+ )
Offering you an exclusive chance to sample a “Flight” of exotic Scotch or enjoy one of the hand picked choices.

Be ready for something new and wonderful. The Golden Prince is a good place to enjoy a spirit and listen for intrigues within the Royal Court.

Your Favorite Performances and MANY New Surprises

This year our realms have expanded with even more performances and stories to tell . .

Labyrinth Masquerade Ball XVII
at the
Legendary Park Plaza
607 S Park View Street; Los Angeles, CA

Costumes or Masks with Formal Wear are Mandatory!
Imaginative costumes fitting the Court are highly recommended.

All Tickets are issued on a first come, first served basis!