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    I have this silly habit. With every person I meet I imagine what they might look like in the faerie realm. As I begin to know them better their fay features become more evident to me. This is the way I design fantasy costumes, enhancing or contorting their attributes. Lifting the veil to reveal their own otherworldly beauty and enchantment they possess. There is a place somewhere between waking and sleeping where faeries play. In this twilight hour we can pass through to their world and in that short time we might be able to enjoy their glamor and learn the secrets of their society.
    I hope you enjoy the journey through these costumes I create, the lore I weave, and the images the photographers have captured. Every stitch that has been sewn, every bead that shimmers helps tell the faerie's story. During the growth of Firefly Path my life has been a faerie tale. I've traveled the world with my wonderful friends to capture these mystical creatures on film. Seeking them out in castle ruins, perched in desert canyons, finding them in lush rain forests, hidden inside an ancient bathhouse, gracing palace courtyards and through it all I've learnt that dreams really do come true and I am so very happy to be sharing mine with you.
    - JoEllen Elam (Lillyxandra)

Goddesses of the Harvest Moon

The Story

It’s been five years since the last time I did a photoshoot with my sister Mary. Every year I travel to Montreal to visit her during October to enjoy the beautiful autumn weather and turning of the leaves. This year I was determined to create these fall inspired goddess gowns so that we could collaborate on a photoshoot together! Mary organized the models and makeup artist while our gracious host and model, Cherizar invited us to her beautiful cottage in the woods. We had this magical window of time when the weather cleared up and allowed us to shoot!

Mary was inspired by 18th-century paintings of fairy tales and stills from obscure fantasy movies. She wanted it to feel as if they were from a movie that was never made.  The gloomy autumnal lighting plus the use of a fog machine created an other-worldly effect that fit beautifully with my jewel-toned gowns.  We both hope that you can feel the mysterious allure of these three earthly goddesses, and let them inspire you to dream as well.


Gown Details


Ruby Rose Gown

A ruby red corset is embellished with embordered lace blossoms. Clusters of pearls and crystals glitter throughout the lace. English net sweeps over the arms exposing the shoulders from the matching lace bolero. A golden moon crown waxes and wanes between clusters of flowers.

Wig – Arda Wigs (Arwen Classic – in Ash Blonde)

Golden Sage Gown

Gathered plush green velvet falls from an elaborate metallic embordered collar. A matching belt cinches the waist. Wizard-style sleeves gracefully fall to the sides with an open shoulder. A sheer, open arm cape can be worn over the gown.

Wig – Arda Wigs “Ruby”

Amethyst Orchid Gown

Embroidered golden swirls on plum velvet wrap across the chest and down the skirt. A belt featuring a crescent moon adorns the center. Lavender gems hover around the golden swirls like fireflies in the twilight. The harvest moon headdress compliments the deep plum velvet of the gown.

This gown was heavily inspired by Elie Saab fall 2017 collection with an Ancient Chinese Empress vibe.🌙

Wig – Arda Wigs “Erika”

The Team


Hanna Joest –

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/hannah.joest.1
Instagram – @hannahjost

Cherizar Georgescu –

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/AestheticallyTeasing/

Instagram –  @aesthetically.teasing

Naila –

Instagram –  @captain_scarlett


Mary Elam –

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/maryelamphoto
Instagram – @elam.design

Makeup Artist

Helene Menard –

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/helene.m.menard
Instagram – @helene_mua


JoEllen Elam Conway –

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/FireflyPath/
Instagram – @fireflypath

Faerie Magazine Summer 2017

Faerie Court


“In a flash of light, Titania’s court arrives, all berry-stained lips and shimmering wings. Their gowns are gossamer and diaphanous, their eyelids drooping languidly in the dreamtime of a thick summer afternoon. Queen Titania herself leads them in merry revels. Tall and elegant, she displays a natural royalty no etiquette teacher could inspire.”

JoEllen Elam Conway, perhaps better known by her company name, Firefly Path, had
the honor of garbing this midsummer troupe of royal fairies. On the day the court came together for their portraits, they agreed to gather in the green space behind Firefly Path’s Los Angeles studio. Studio owner Ben anticipated their arrival with delectable hors d’oeuvres
he spent a week planning and preparing (the fairies adored the mini apple galettes, smoked salmon rugelach, celery barquettes with stilton and walnuts, and mini deviled crab cakes!) while assistant Zach created a list of musical selections themed around the day to set the mood for the entire courtly visit. Each of the six enchantresses, all of whom have inspired countless poets and artists to compose numerous ballads and works of art in their honor, was meticulously coiffed and adorned: captured in portraits, separately and together.

Set designer Make Light Studios was delighted to and that the rain sprites had been unusually enthusiastic this year, gifting them with thick moss and unearthing stones on a grassy bank in a nearby nature preserve. She and Elam Conway used the stones and moss, along with fairy mushrooms, to form a wild spiral where the fairies, natural dancers, would not be able to resist the urge to utter their wings in a frolic. After the individual portraits were finished, the fairies were brought to this second location, and their squeals of delight confused and bespelled any humans walking near the meadow where they danced. It is to our great relief that none of these humans decided to join the merriment, or they might have been unwittingly trapped in the enchantment forever.

Read more in the Summer 2017 issue of Faerie Magazine. Buy your copy HERE

Infinity Gauntlet Tutorial


Inspired by Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet, this detailed and elegant version is a feminine take on the original bulky design.   The Infinity Gauntlet was designed to hold six of the ‘soul gems’, better known as the Infinity Gems. When used in combination, their already impressive powers make the wearer able to do anything he/she wants.

What you will need:

  1. Needle-nose pliers
  2. e6000 glue
  3. 5 filigree tip findings
  4. 5 filigree middle findings
  5. 5 cone filigree findings
  6. 5 adjustable rings
  7. 4 filigree circle findings
  8. 1 filigree flower
  9. Jump rings
  10. Jewelry wire
  11. Chain
  12. Lobster clasp
  13. AB crystals
  14. 5 Crystals in colors green, orange, blue, purple, yellow, and red

I bought all my supplies at Bohemian Crystal located in DT LA. They also have an online store.


The Process

Each finger has two sections of filigree. Start by shaping the filigree tips into a cone shape to form the finger tips. Bend the middle filigree pieces around the base of each finger to your size. I used the needle-nose pliers to help bend them in shape.

Using the jump rings, attach two sections of chain, connecting the filigree tips to the filigree middle pieces for each finger. Wire the adjustable rings to the inside of each middle filigree piece.

Glue the filigree flower to one of the filigree circles. Glue green gem inside to the middle of the flower. Using the jump rings, attach another filigree circle under the circle with the flower. Then form a bracelet by attaching two circle filigrees together. Bend the filigree around your wrist to your size. Attach all four circle filigrees together.

Cut two lengths of chain for each finger connecting the bottom the middle filigrees to the bracelet using jump rings. Attach lobster claw clasp and chain to the bracelet to form the closer.

For the Infinity Gems; flatten out cone filigree and glue down each Infinity Gem. This will create a base for you to attach the gauntlet. After they dry, glue them to the middle filigree sections of each finger. For extra support, you can use the jewelry wire to keep attached to the middle filigree. Bling out the rest of the gauntlet with AB crystals!

Now you can destroy the universe in style!


Don’t feel like making it yourself?

Check out these amazing artist who offer jewelry in a similar style!






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Thank you, Fireflies!

JoEllen & Team

Simplicity Fantasy Ranger Pattern (#8363)

I’m so excited to tell you that our next pattern is out from simplicity. The Fantasy Ranger Pattern (#8363) features a one-sleeved neck corset, corset, skirt, armored waistbands, gauntlet, and circlet. You can purchase it at your local Joann’s Stores, Walmart, and online (HERE) A big thank you to everyone who voted on my design last June when I was designing the circlet for this look!