Fire Dragoon Warrior

Dragoon Lore & Design Concept
When making this costume I wanted to incorporate all the elements of fire such as flame, smoke, heat distortion, ember and so on. I started off with the idea that she should look as though she was enveloped in flame and that those flames would make up her outfit. Her top and skirt are the hottest and most intense part of the fire. I used two-toned chiffon to make it look as though heat was radiating from her body. I also used orange glitter tulle in the skirt; it reminds me of glowing embers floating away from the heat.
Her necklace and headdress are all made with gold chain, red crystals, and golden filigree. It was actually part of another costume I made in 2009 that happen to fit her character perfectly! I added the veil. I feel like covering the face so that only the eyes show it such a sexy look and gives a touch of mystery plus Indra has such amazing eyes it would be a sin not to showcase them!
The wings are the largest dragon style wings I have ever made. I padded the muscle parts and covered them with stretch red snakeskin spandex. Indra and I took an evening whip stitching them to the frame. It’s very time consuming but the result looks fantastic!

A special thanks to the Walloch’s for allowing us to use their beautiful vacation home in Las Vegas, Ben for the Legolas blades. Vani for being the prettiest mermaid in the sea, September Sky and Alondra for being an amazing Crew, Indra for being my real live Barbie doll, and of course Indigo for making my dreams come to life <3 With out you guys I would just another girl who says “wouldn’t be cool if…” You guys make that “IF” become a reality.

Be sure to visit Indigo’s website to view more of his phenomenal work!

Photoshoot Location
Valley of Fire-Overton-Nevada-USA


Indra (FantasyNinja)

Behind the Scenes Video

THE VALLEY OF THE FIRE DRAGOON 2010 from Indigoverse on Vimeo.

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Claudia - September 5, 2012 - 4:42 am

Was wondering what it would cost to get one of these costumes made?

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