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    I have this silly habit. With every person I meet I imagine what they might look like in the faerie realm. As I begin to know them better their fay features become more evident to me. This is the way I design fantasy costumes, enhancing or contorting their attributes. Lifting the veil to reveal their own otherworldly beauty and enchantment they possess. There is a place somewhere between waking and sleeping where faeries play. In this twilight hour we can pass through to their world and in that short time we might be able to enjoy their glamor and learn the secrets of their society.
    I hope you enjoy the journey through these costumes I create, the lore I weave, and the images the photographers have captured. Every stitch that has been sewn, every bead that shimmers helps tell the faerie's story. During the growth of Firefly Path my life has been a faerie tale. I've traveled the world with my wonderful friends to capture these mystical creatures on film. Seeking them out in castle ruins, perched in desert canyons, finding them in lush rain forests, hidden inside an ancient bathhouse, gracing palace courtyards and through it all I've learnt that dreams really do come true and I am so very happy to be sharing mine with you.
    - JoEllen Elam (Lillyxandra)

Gala Nocturna – Swan Lake Ballgown

Three Swans

Just hearing the words “Gala Nocturna” stirs the imagination with visions of extravagant gowns twirling under glittering chandeliers.

Perched at a table, sipping champagne with my own Prince Charming, we enjoyed the spectacle of feathered costumes dancing to dark romantic music …it was stunning to watch. I had the pleasure of meeting with costumers whose work I’ve been following for years.

Viona-Art hosts several costume and historical themed events in Europe. This year’s theme is “The Swan Princess”. A fellow costume designer and long time friend Vanessa Walton of Creature of Habit (www.creatureofhabit.me) and I have been dreaming of attending one of Viona’s beautiful events for years. I traveled to Brussels for the first time with Vanessa and my Husband Jack. Adventure Time!!! It was a dream come true modeling for Viona-Art alongside Creature of Habit and Fairytas. Viona was so kind to photograph our swans before the Gala.

From Viona Art’s website – “Every year we set a different theme for Gala Nocturna. Some examples from past editions are: “The Virgin Queen”, “Russian Fairytale” and “The Pope’s Daughter”. Last time we chose “La Belle et La Bête”, inspired by the classic fairytale from Jeanne Marie Leprince de Beaumont. The theme inspires our guests to create their wonderful costumes. Many of our guests are very creative and make or design their own outfits for Gala Nocturna. Every year they are looking forward to the challenge of creating a new costume that fits with the theme of the evening.”.

Swan Dance

B1NH Photography

Swan Room

Swan Sculpture seen through curtains

Swan Dolls

Beautiful Swan Dolls from Magic Mirror

Our amazing host Viona and Dirk von Heinrichshorst

Our amazing host Viona and Dirk von Heinrichshorst

Gala Nocturna

World-Famous Dark Romantic Costume Ball

Ballroom Patrons

Lining up for the performance

Magical Girls

Photo by: Bart Kools


In the Ball Room


Breathtaking light

Walking Back

Back to our hotel after the photoshoot with Viona

Naraku Brock and I

Photo by: B1NH Photography

Beautiful Treats

Black and White swans cupcakes

 When I think of Swan Lake the first image that pops into my head are fluffy white gowns glittering in crystals on a smoky calm lake. I found my inspiration fabric in the LA fabric district with this single gigantic beaded feather. I wanted to add a touch of antiquity to fit the venue (www.gala-nocturna.com/venue) I sewed mirrored copper and gold gems throughout the appliqué to replicate the lustrous sparkle of the chandeliers. For the smokey dress effect I layered six layers of tulle over the skirt and tattered the edges. The hips have a heavy weight tulle cut into feathers to give the effect of wings at the side. I also wanted to create “wearable wings” with the feathered bolero and sheer netting.


My wing, filigree, and crystal headdress for the gala was inspired by the chandeliers in the venue. I wanted my headdress to have some of those elements! If you’d like to learn how to make head wings I offer a tutorial on our etsy store! www.etsy.com/shop/FireflyPath

This trip was truly something I’ve been dreaming of for years. I was so fortunate to travel with Vanessa and Jack who are both so open to adventure! Meeting people I never thought I’d have the chance to meet and new like-minded people. The whole event and experience far exceeded my expectations!

Swan Love


Steampunk Tinkerbell


Madeline Masquerade commissioned us to create a original Steampunk Tinkerbell. I used muted greens for her bright green leaf dress. For the skirt I wanted to still have a petal look. Each leaf is two sides different fabric with piping down the for the “leaf veins”. Of course she has a little bottle of fairy dust on her belt! This design is a steampunk-style take on Disney’s Tinkerbell wings. The wings are designed to look like a flying device with a wooden frame which holds the gossamer wings. The gearbox operates on a series of cogs and flashing pixie dust lights. (In the model’s photos she’s wearing the wings from the Spring Faerie costume)

Model – Madeline Masquerade 

Photographer – Sharkey Imaging

The Nereid

~The Nereid~
This Nymph of the sea aids sailors fighting perilous storms. She dwells with her father and sisters in the depths of a silvery cave. For Eve Beauregard’s mermaid costume I created a this opalescent top and hip-fin to look like splashes of water. I tarnished her jewelry to look like sunken treasure she’d adorned herself with.

Saffels Photography and Eve Beauregard were so awesome for bringing this project together so quickly! We only had two days to get it done!
A special thanks to “flower soup” creators and people who helped make this shoot happen!
Reilena Cosplay
Jessica Dru
Sushi Monster
Chris Mandeville
Jack Conway
Stan Press
Ben Wallace
Raiya Corsiglia – Director