Indigo & Lavender Masquerade Fairy Progress

The entire Masquerade Fairies shoot is up! A very special thank you to Indigo, Vani, Adella, Brittany, Paul, and Demir for being so helpful and talented. It’s one things to have a dream but it’s only a dream with out the help of these amazing people to help it come true <3 Indigo made a indepth blog about our shoot with a behind the scenes HD video!

Yay! The shoot went great! We were rained on when we first arrived and decided to reschedule the shoot for another day. When we were on our way back to the cars the clouds parted and the sun came back out! Indigo is processing the photos and behind the scenes videos now. I have a hand full of photos to show but soon the entire set will be available <3 2/20/10 The make-up test with Vani went well! I used urban decay's "flash", Majolica Majorca's lavender, MAC's "stylin'" and for glitter MAC's "reflects duo purple. For Adella's hair I went for a Grecian style with her natural hair! Not sure yet what I'll do for her make-up, something natural would look pretty.

I’m packing up today and heading to Brittany’s for a sleep over! Tomorrow morning we drive to San Diego for the shoot! I’m so excited I just hope it does not rain *fingers crossed*

I’m just about done with the costumes! Yesterday I spent all day making two sets of wings. right now they are drying in my bathroom 🙂 Today I focused on accessories. I made a bouquet of wisteria and daises, earrings to match the beading on the neckline, nails to match each costume and bought Japanese lashes for the girls. <3 I love all those little girly details. Tonight I'm running a make-up test with Vanessa and trying out a hair style for Adella.
Work work work!!

I’m so excited this weekend I will be having my friend’s Vani and Adella modeling my faerie gowns for a photoshoot with photographer Indigo! I actually planned this shoot about two years ago as part of the Masquerade Faerie Collection. This will be the last shoot to wrap up the series. It’s hard to believe that I made Vani’s Purple Masquerade dress so long ago. This week I will be making the wings to finally finish the costume. In addition to the shoot I have asked Adella to model another purple gown. I am altering a wedding gown to fit the purple/lavender theme. Vani’s colors will be darker colors of purple and violet while Adella’s will be light purple and lavender. I’m so excited to see how the two will contrast each other!

First I dyed the gown using a mixture or petal pink and royal blue Rit Dye.

I have been making organza flowers to sew on the dress

I though the neckline could use some beading

Ill post more on my progress this week!


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Nicole Blosser - January 13, 2012 - 7:39 pm

Is the dye easy to come by? I have a white dress I want to die prismacolored color pencil 1002 ( Are colors mixed a certain way? Please and thank you and hope to hear soon 🙂


Lillyxandra - January 14, 2012 - 6:34 pm

Yes! you can find it at most craft stores its call “RIT” dye. You can mix different colors to get the color you’d like as well.

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