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Where to start?! I’m always in the mist of juggling several different costume projects, whether it’s working on a custom order for a customer, buying wardrobe for a play, sewing fifty toad stool hats for a web series, or designing costumes for photo projects. Life as a costume designer & seamstress in LA is always hectic. I hardly have a day where I can say “I’m so bored”, and when I do, I revel in those days! You know you’re busy when you have to schedule days to have a date with your own boyfriend with whom you live with, haha. What’s funny is that you’d think that I’d be rolling it in! But truthfully I barely get by with the money I make from following this crazy dream of mine. Life is an adventure and I would not change mine for anyone else!

I’m starting this blog to give my viewers and fans a peek into my crazy life, and my process of creating. I’ve received countless e-mails and messages from people from around the world who are curious about how I make things. There have been so many people who have taken the time to express to me how seeing my costumes have inspired, moved and brought a little magic into their lives. I am constantly overwhelmed by gratitude from people about my work. I hope this blog can help others with their own creations, or at least be entertaining to read ^_~

So right now one of the projects I’m working on is designing and creating costumes for a festival called “Festival of the Faeries”. This is a new event for the residents of Topanga Canyon, California and surrounding cities. I have been brought on the project as one of the art directors, wardrobe, and planning the children events.

We are still having meetings to nail out the designs for the crew, but I have a pretty solid idea of what I’ll be making for myself. The goal is to make faerie costumes that are bright and captivating for children to behold, easy to move around in all day, comfortable, washable, and most important… pretty!

AS with most of my original costumes, I like to make an inspiration collage. Some of the strangest things inspire me sometimes. Jewelery, colors, fabric, found objects in nature, dreams… always keep my eyes open for that spark of creativity. For this costume, my inspiration comes from a scene from the animated film “Whispers of the Heart”. A flower fairy appears as part of an ornament in a clock. I always loved that part in the movie and thought her dress was so cute!

Soom doll, jewelry, flower fairy, taking element from each of these and making it my own!

This is my sketch. The costume may not turn out exactly like this, but it helps me define what I’m going for.

I found this fabric on sale in the LA fabric district. I’m thinking of doing a gradient dip dye fading from a yellow green to grass green at the hip. I love the organic cut pattern of it. I’m thinking of lining it will a nude color to make it look as if I’m wearing nothing underneath it.

My next step will be purchasing the rest of the fabric and drafting a pattern from my basic block!

So that’s it for now! I’ll be posting other projects as well. Please feel free to ask any questions. I hope this can be a learning experience for you all!

JoEllen (Lillyxandra)

Brooke - December 10, 2012 - 1:25 pm

How can I contact you about making a promdress?

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