Terra Dragoon Warrior

Dragoon Lore & Design Concept
The Terra Dragoon was costume I made in the Dragoon Warrior Collection. I had been inspired by the idea of doing these strong and exotic warriors who summon one of the four elements in battle mode. For the Terra Dragoon she summons the element of earth. I could have gone two different directions with it. When you think of the earth element visions of lush green lands with vines and flowers come to mind. The other direction, and the one I chose, is a theme of sun bleached sands, wind swept rock, and barren crags jutting from the earth.

I choose Laura, aka Miyu, to model for me. I don’t think I could have chosen a better person. She has a fierce and enticing look about her! I used her natural hair, teasing it up in the back and pinning loose rows at the crown of the head. For her make-up I used a pallet of gold, red, and burgundy. To add to the warrior theme I painted a black slit/scar down one eye. Matt had the idea of adding runes down both arms!

I built the top off of a bra and added a shirt that hooks underneath the bra. I love the effect of sewing irregular pin tucks throughout the leather shirt and loin cloth, then distressing it with gold paint. For the accessories a used chains, earth tone gems, and antique coins. The wings were definitely something new. I have never made bat style wings before! I tattered them up to mimic the loin cloth and top.

Be sure to visit Indigo’s website Indigoversephotography.com to view more of his phenomenal work!

Photoshoot Location
Devil’s Punchbowl-Pearblossom-California-USA



Behind the Scenes Video

Terra Dragoon Shoot 2008 from Indigoverse on Vimeo.

Laura - July 1, 2010 - 7:17 am

We should’ve used the duck, I told you it would upset him.

Lady Renegade - February 25, 2012 - 7:36 pm

I think these are my favorite from the whole site. Darkly breathtaking. What did you use for the structure of the wings?

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