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Well.. It seems I’ve been left behind. I feel like the only kid who is not going on the school field trip to the Zoo. The Zoo of Comic-Con that is. Everyone and their dog will be tweeting, face booking and vloging about the event this weekend. So what will I do with myself during […]

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Sirenia Mermaid 2

After Traci tried on the headdress, I noticed that the pink and her red hair clashed a bit. I don’t mind having a little pink here and there, but I think I’ll keep the costume mostly blue and green, and in turn will really make her hair color pop (with red and green being complementary […]

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Persephone 3

The Persephone costume is finished! This was one of those costumes that inspires you to work on it all day then look forward to working at it again the next morning till its done. That silk fabric is so much fun to play with. Once the breeze catches it flows around so elegantly. The headdress […]

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Persephone 2

I’ve been working on the top part of the dress. To keep it soft and flowing Im using the silk through out the entire dress. The top is the peach color that will fade into the purple at the bottom of the dress. I sewed irregular pin tucks through out the silk before cutting it. […]

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