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A collection of Original Fairies I have created. These are costumes I have created since 2002 to present date. You can read more about each costume in their individual post.

Darkstar Peacock Fairy

Christalyn Darkstar commissioned me to design an elaborate halloween costume inspired by the extravagant plumage of the peacock. She wanted something that would accentuate both her outgoing nature as well as her dark and mysterious side. I attached numerous peacock feathers and glittery ginkgo leaves, then created a detachable peacock tail she could hook under […]

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Happy Valentines Day!

Hello Lovers!! I want to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day! Last month photographer Jamais Vu and I got together for a Valentine Fairy Photoshoot. I also asked Make-up Artist Siryn to create a matching look. If you would like to recreate this look for yourself, check out her Website! Hope your day is magical!

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Queen Titania Fairy

Happy Summer Solstice! “Solstice” is derived from “sol,” meaning sun, and “sistere,” to stand still. As the summer solstice approaches, the noonday sun rises higher and higher in the sky on each successive day, but on the day of the solstice it rises an imperceptible amount compared to the day before, and so it is […]

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